I started to play the piano at the age of 7 in the 80s until my 17 years old. I was also involved in social life activities and one of them was to play the piano in front of people in needs.

In the 90s, I started with a bunch of friends a rock band called Zirtec  in which I was the main author-compositor and the singer. We used to play a lot of gigs in and outside of Paris for almost 5 years. Then, I started another group called Spacequake, something more electro-rock, we played two live shows with a remix of Closer by NIN.

In the meantime, the underground free party movement was setting up in France. One of the greatest tribe was Heretik, we were living in the same city, with some of the former members. But it took time for me to start listening to Techno music, once I discovered the energy coming from the free-party, I decided to move forward by playing my own live shows. Most of them were done with Mas i Mas and Arawak and in multiple private parties. And I moved to the south of France in Nice in 2000 to finish my studies. 

In 2000, I started to produce my music with my first album First step to ForgeT [2003] and with my old set of hardware instruments before years later moving on to a MOBILE set using Ableton. From this period, SAFE ARE A Virus C and A RolandMC 303.

In 2016, I started to listen to Hip-Hop [yes man, very late] and I decided to produce Hip Hop reloaded, my first EP which got good feedbacks. So in 2017, I decided to finetune my work and I was lucky to collaborate with Jayy Queezy, a south Chicago citizen and a rizing star featured in CHIRAK released last November 13, 2018. This date sounds particular to me and to my country, France, it's my birthday date and that was my 40s, it's also the birthday of the Paris attacks @LeBataclan. 

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